Flying Greeves

Apr 03, 2014

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker Ken Sykes flying his 1970 Greeves Griffon 250 during a vintage motocross race in Northern California. Ken has been riding Greeves motorcycles since he was thirteen years old and started seriously collecting them in the 1980s. He found this particular bike in the late 1990s and restored it to race.

Ken's wife Kathy is the daughter of the late Nick Nicholson. Nick's shop, Nicholson Motors in North Hollywood, California, was the U.S. distributer of Greeves motorcycles. And Nick was one of the top motorcycle racers of his day winning the Catalina Grand Prix and taking a bronze metal at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

In addition to being a wealth of knowledge about Greeves motorcycles and vintage racing, Ken and Kathy have what is left of the Nicholson Motors stock and can source many reproduction parts. Needless to say, they were invaluable while I was restoring my 1969 Greeves Griffon 380 desert sled.

Bert Greeves manufactured motorcycles in the United Kingdom from 1954 to 1977. During the 1950s and 1960s Greeves motorcycles dominated the European motocross and trials circuits as well as the desert races in the Southwestern United States.