Gabrielle Jones

Jul 19, 2013

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker Gabrielle Jones on her custom 1976 Honda CB750F in front of the coffee bar. ..

Coffee Run July 2013

Jul 13, 2013

Photo by Wayne Corbett Jim Koenigsaecker and Daniele Degli Esposti along Platina Road in Northern California during the first Coffee Run. ..

Born Free

Jun 26, 2013

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker David Pietromica and Steffan Ihtcke stopped by the coffee bar on their way to Born Free. ..

Coffee & Motorcycles in Portland

Jun 16, 2013

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker Barista in Portland, Oregon. ..

Conrad Leach Print

Mar 30, 2013

Photo by Carson Blume Daniel and Michelle Gallagher hanging out under our print by London-based-artist Conrad Leach. ..

Coffee Bar

Mar 29, 2013

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker Nisha Koenigsaecker in the coffee bar. ..

No. 49

Jan 12, 2013

Photo by Brad Garrison Jim Koenigsaecker riding his 1961 BMW R50S with a number plate that pays homage to the BMW RS 255 Georg Meier rode to victory in the 1939 Isle of Man Senior TT. ..

1930s La Pavoni

Jan 05, 2013

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker The latest addition to our coffee bar, a 1930s La Pavoni espresso machine. ..

The Inaugural Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Sep 30, 2012

Photo by Nisha Koenigsaecker Jim Koenigsaecker participating in the inaugural Distinguished Gentleman's Ride on his 1964 BMW R50/2. ..

Brent Hansen

Sep 16, 2012

Photo by Jim Koenigsaecker Brent Hansen test riding Jim Koenigsaecker's 1961 BMW R50S. ..